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FAA Part 107 Knowledge Test Preparation 2 Day class taught in person

Pass the required FAA aeronautical knowledge test and become a certified DRONE pilot! Industry leading instruction taught in a unique fashion where you will not only pass the test but understand how to operate safely and within the law the day after you pass your test. Our “understand the subject matter” training negates the need for countless hours of online study watching confusing videos.

Our Services

Professional Consulting

Getting it right the first time might just make the difference between success and failure.  It’s not uncommon to have ideas to use a drone and not know who to trust or where to turn for solid information.  Our industry leading credentials and reputation assure your establishment is receiving the correct information to help leverage UAV technology safe and efficiently.  We enjoy building a relationship and having our subject matter experts available when you need them.

UAV Flight Training

We leverage our decades of experience as instructors in the highly successful world of manned aviation and apply them to the umanned world.  Our UAV pilot training is industry leading  and will provide the base you need to start offering professional UAV services in industries like cinematogrpahy, photography, construction, agriculture, realestate, structural inspection, and many more.

FAA 107 Remote Pilot Knowledge Test Prep

The FAA requires that a commercial sUA pilot pass an aeronautical knowledge test prior to receiving the Remote Pilot certification.  This FAA knowledge test is composed of primarily manned aviation subject matter and can prove challenging to those out side of aviation.  We provide the leading test prep educational experience in the country, taught in person by the highest qualified and experienced instructors.

Mission Specific Training

There are numbers of uses for sUAS and we are here to help you learn how to specialize in the area(s) you are looking for.  Flying the sUAS is only a part of the complete picture.  Our mission specific training concentrates on areas beyond just flying the UAV.  Our training program can teach you the details  to be successful with surveying, mapping, construction, agriculture, real estate, search & rescue, cinematography, photography, forensics, and more.

Regulatory - Waiver, Airspace Authorizations, Airworthiness Assesments

In today’s competitive environment, it’s not enough to simply operate within the statutes of 14CFR Part 107.  Companies need waivers, specific airspace authorizations and professional guidance with industry leading experience in order to stay ahead of the growing community of unmanned aircraft users.  We will facilitate the process of obtaining the proper authorizations, waivers or permissions for you’re needs.

SMS and UA Operational Safety Audit (UAOSA)

Safety Risk Management Systems (SMS) integrate modern safety risk management and safety assurance concepts into repeatable, proactive systems emphasizing safety management as a fundamental business process to be considered in the same manner as other aspects of business management.  Built around the Treat and Error Management concept, UAOSA is an important way to help develop countermeasures to operational errors utilizing a structured program of front line activity observations.

VAUAS Professional Association

VAUAS is the unmanned aircraft chapter of the Virginia Aviation Business Association (VABA). While we are a subchapter of the larger organization, we are also advocates for our specific unmanned aircraft community.  Our goals are to provide continuing education to our memebership building a competitive advantage for those in the commercial world and reperesent the greater community in policy and government issues that may adversly effect the growth of our unamanned aircraft industry.

Community Outreach

We are passionate about the UAV industry and work in many ways to help educate policy makers, citizens of our communities, local law enforcement, teachers and the sUA community about the uses of UAV.  We are frequently behind the scenes at many industry events helping to create a safe environment for sUA as well as on stage presenting to interested parties helping to spread the good word about drones.

About Us

Virginia UAS is the leading provider of small unmanned aircraft training and operational integration in Virginia.  Veteran owned, our team is comprised of industry leading subject matter experts with more than 90 years of combined unmanned aircraft experience.  We have more than 30,000 hours of professional manned aviation experience and a team that is actively engaged with the FAA creating standards for the unmanned aviation industry.  Our leadership has actively participated with the Virginia Governor’s Unmanned Systems Commission and is involved first hand promoting the growth and proliferation of safe and efficient operation of small unmanned aircraft in Virginia.  With industry leading knowledge, training and experience rooted in professional manned and unmanned aviation flight operations, Virginia UAS is well positioned to assist Public Sector entities and Fortune 1000 companies with the safe deployment of sUAS technology leveraging operational efficiencies.

Our Leadership

Scott Strimple

Founder – CEO

Harry Gregori

Founder – President

Robert Klenke Ph.D.

Chief Technical Officer




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