Scott Strimple  B.S. Flight Operations & Computer Science – Southern Illinois University

Chief Executive Officer

As a Captain and FAA Check Pilot for United Airlines, Scott Strimple’s extensive leadership and subject matter expertise in flight training bring an industry leading perspective to the world of unmanned flight. He holds all FAA flight instructing and remote pilot certifications and has served as the ASTM F38.03 Sub-Committee chair for Personnel Training, Qualification and  Certification dealing with sUA pilot and visual observer training and developing international standards for the unmanned aviation industry.  Scott works closely with the FAA and has more than 28,000 flight hours in manned aircraft as well as more than 44 years of operational small unmanned aircraft experience.  Scott’s leadership & experience in unmanned aviation was recognized by Governor Terry McAuliffe when he was appointed to the Governor’s Unmanned Systems Commission in 2015 and continues to serve on the Center for Innovative Technology advisory board, the Virginia Department of Aviation UAS workgroup and is a Board member for the Virginia Aviation Business Association.   He frequently contributes written material for several media resources as well as presenting at many industry events on the importance of developing operational proficiency and professional standards to assure a safe unmanned aircraft operation.  Scott is a senior flight instructor with the Unmanned Vehicle University and facilitates hands on flight training workshops across the country. His leadership and unique ability to blend the best practices from manned aviation with those of unmanned aviation provide Virginia UAS with the exclusive ability to offer industry leading education to those entities and individuals seeking to deploy unmanned aircraft. Additionally, Scott was an early adopter of aerial cinematography as a filmmaker and is the recipient of multiple Emmy awards.