Virginia UAS is offering an industry leading 4-day course to educate and prepare attendees to be successful, professional small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) pilots. The course consists of our industry leading signature 2 day of ground school which is actual instructor led to prepare students to pass the FAA Remote Pilot Certification knowledge test.  We are combining this with our 2 day custom practical, hands-on sUAS operations and flight training.  Instructors teach the course and facilitate the hands on training experience tailoring it to the focus of our students be it multi-rotor or fixed wing.


Virginia UAS is pleased to announce its next training program in May, 2019:




“Remote Pilot” small Unmanned Aircraft Systems  (Drones) 14 CFR Part 107 Aeronautical Knowledge Test Preparation, and Operations and Flight Training.”




Course Overview: Virginia UAS 101


Instructor: Bob Klenke (Credentials and experience available at “ About Us” at: )


Dates: Friday and Saturday Sessions: To be announced


Location: The Sustainability Park, 13101 N. Enon Church Road, Chester, VA 23836




First Session: 


Friday and a Saturday – :  A 2 day program of PART 107 instruction in preparation for the FAA PART 107 test.  


NOTE: The PART 107 test is separate and done through an FAA test center. 


Price: $1250 – includes 2 days of instructor led Part 107 FAA test preparation and course materials


*inquire about discounted pricing for multiple attendees from same organization




Second Session: (Limited to 4 attendees)


Friday and a Saturday – :  A 2 day program  of flight proficiency training


Price: $2,250 – includes 2 days of hands on flight and professional operations training






Both Sessions’ Price: $3,500 – includes all 4 days of Part 107 and flight training and course study materials.






Dr. Robert Klenke – Flight Instructor, holds an FAA private pilot license and has a PhD in computer electronics leading the VCU unmanned aircraft lab developing advanced electronic flight control systems for the sUAS world. Dr. Klenke also has extensive experience in the operation of sUAS


See our website for further information on our staff:


FAA Remote Pilot Certification Knowledge Prep Course


2 Day ground school taught in person. At the completion of this training, the applicant is sufficiently prepared to take the14CFR 107 small-unmanned aircraft knowledge test in preparation to receive their FAA Remote Pilot Certification.


Topics to include


  • General knowledge test information
  • Terminology and definitions
  • Airspace
  • Aeronautical charts
  • UAS Weather
  • Aerodynamics
  • Aircraft loading and performance
  • Pre-Flight and maintenance
  • Medical factors
  • CRM & ADM
  • Operational considerations
  • Review of 14CFR part 107 specifics
  • Practice test questions


sUAS Systems Introduction and Operations and Flight Training


2 Day course taught in person. The first one half day will include a ground school introduction to sUAS systems at the level necessary for a remote pilot to be competent in understanding operating their aircraft as well as a discussion of sUAS operational principles and practices. The remaining one and one half days are devoted to flight training.


Ground School topics to include


  • Multirotor aircraft systems
  • Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) operation and considerations
  • Multirotor flight dynamics
  • Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) operation and considerations
  • Compass calibration
  • Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery specifications and operation
  • Flight maneuver practice drills outline
  • Safety and flight environment evaluation
  • Airspace review
  • Aircraft preflight inspections and checklists




Flight training topics to include


  • Aircraft flight preparation
  • Battery charging operations and considerations
  • Basic and advanced pilot skill drills and acceptable performance standards
  • Ground Control Station features and operation
  • Aircraft operation via the Ground Control Station
  • Flight performance and pilot skill requirements for different sUAS aircraft




For further information contact:




Harry E. Gregori, Jr.




Virginia UAS


12717 Storrow Road


Richmond, Virginia 23233